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plot twist: momo’s gonna kill everyone, he already killed Mikoshiba-buchou that’s why we don’t see him anymore

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"Civil war has been averted in Hidden Leaf Village. Peace has been maintained and there was no other way. Now he is branded as a Rogue Ninja who killed his entire clan and listed as a fugitive, wanted dead or alive."


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I have received permission from the artist to repost their work. Please DO NOT reproduce their work without proper permission!! { x }


art buddies are sO IMPORTANT

Tumblr in 2013: Let's ironically imitate weeaboos aw shit we've become real weeaboos
Tumblr in 2014: Let's ironically imitate meme loving fucks aw shit we've become real meme loving fucks
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Free! Eternal Summer  II  official Character Stats

from the Newtype Magazine (08/2014)  edited by
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Grimmjow jaegerjaquez - The sixta Espada.

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If you're not willing to sit through a 15 minute video but want to check your proper bra size


What you need: cloth measuring tape, paper, pen

Step 1: Get topless, completely topless

Step 2: Use cloth measuring tape to measure your underbust making sure the measuring tape is completely parallel to the ground. Exhale. Make sure that the tape is TIGHT around your…

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100/300 mama era edits <3
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cutie wrapping a towel around his head