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20/50: Kim Minseok

the face of a real man
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C-netz reaction to Luhan's move to terminate his contract in SM


[+735] This is a Beijing kid who really treasures friendships and he does things from the start to the end. He completed the first world tour while being ill, and decided to leave before the preparations for the second album. He isn’t disappointing anybody. Thanks to the…


Luhan - 141010 Weibo account update: “我回家了”

Translation: “I am home”

Credit: M鹿M.


have u ever seen a really attractive person and just really wished u hadn’t

me: *owns 264 unread books*
me: *buys 17 new books*
me: *rereads harry potter*
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❝Feelings are just visitors. Let them come and go.❞

—Mooji (via yellowpaz)
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❝There is a reason that most fanfiction authors, specifically girls, start with a Mary Sue. It’s because girls are taught that they are never enough. You can’t be too loud, too quiet, too smart, too stupid. You can’t ask too many questions or know too many answers. No one is flocking to you for advice. Then something wonderful happens. The girl who was told she’s stupid finds out that she can be a better wizard than Albus Dumbledore. And that is something very important. Terrible at sports? You’re a warrior who does backflips and Legolas thinks you’re THE BEST. No friends? You get a standing ovation from Han Solo and the entire Rebel Alliance when you crash-land safely on Hoth after blowing up the Super Double Death Star. It’s all about you. Everyone in your favorite universe is TOTALLY ALL ABOUT YOU.

I started writing fanfiction the way most girls did, by re-inventing themselves.

Mary Sues exist because children who are told they’re nothing want to be everything.❞

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log ついぴくまとめ9 by ハトリ

※ Permission to upload was given by the artist

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hozuki suigetsu + purple
Naruto Shippuden Ch. 331

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